Automation Error

I have an automation set to run every monday at 9 am

I have a view of a table called upcoming that shows projects that are launching in the next 30 days
One of the columns is a “People” column

In the to field I’m adding: upcoming.owner as the recipient

However when i test the rule i get the following error:

Gmail::SendEmail failed - Failed to take action in Gmail

@rebs Gmail will send to fail if any part of the formula is wrong, not just the recipient. Do you have everything else working? I would ‘hardcode’ your email address in as the recipient “” and try to get it to send. If it does, then try to change the recipient to a formula so you can troubleshoot.

Hey there!

Can you share any screenshots of your rule? Often times the rule must also be set to run as yourself (who has access to the gmail pack) rather than being run by automation bot (which is default).

Any screenshots can help us figure out the issue!