Rule Failing to Run: Fixing Notification Automations

I’m trying to create an automation that will notify someone any time they are added to the “Assigned To” or “On Deck” columns in my tables. However, I keep getting a “Rule failed to run” error.

What am I doing wrong?

Here is my table:

I want someone to be notified when their name is added to the “Assigned To” column. The “Assigned To” field is automatically calculated based on the status. (e.g., design statuses always trigger Eric to be added; writing statuses always trigger Emma to be added, etc.)

And here is my automation:

Hello @Rai_Cornell ,
I see 2 potential problems: you content box is empty. Start with something like “test” (including the apostrophes) to see if that solves your problem. The other one is the recipient. It should be something like step 1 result.Assigned to. In order to enter this formula, you need to click on the little F (formula) symbol that show up when you expand “then”. You can also use (for testing purposes) choose “specific persons” for receiving the notification and select yourself. Once you got it working, you can start improving on the Content and the recipient(s).

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Thank you! I was able to get it to work. But now I’m getting 15 (!!!) notifications every time the rule runs. Why is that??

The “Recipients” field is cut off in the screenshot, but the full thing says “LinkedIn Content Queue > Assigned To”

And in the activity tab, the notification only shows that it’s running once. But it shows up in my Slack Coda app 15 times.

It is hard to diagnose without looking at your document, but my guess is there are 15 rows in the linked in table. So every email address in that table (column) gets your message. Recipients should be something like step 1 result.recipient, or, if you are getting the recipient from another source, you should limit the number of recipients with something like .unique().

I’m actually getting the notifications 15 times for each row. For example, each of these notifications are all for the exact same row:

Like Joost mentioned, it’s because youre feeding the entire table into the recipients field :sweat_smile:

Try changing it to step 1 result.assigned to


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