Ethereum Pack.. any Solidity and DAPP folks here?

at Agile Dynamics we are looking to develop coda packs to facilitate a secure interface between coda docs and the ethereum blockchain, smart contracts and dapp applications.

we would be interested in working with any coda makers who also have experience with solidity and dapp deployment.

if you know anyone like that, please let me know via pm.

i should emphasise, we are NOT into crypto currency nor artistic NFTs. we are focused exclusively on using smart contracts for auditing and escrow purposes in workflows regulated by FDA, FAA, SEC, GAP and other regulatory bodies.

our secret mission is to put auditors out of business through innovative blockchain trickery :wink:



Good for you. As a former auditing specialist/CPA who was drummed out of the industry when I used HP calculators and a TRS-80 to slash billable hours (circa 1980), these folks need to be forced into early retirement like travel agents. :wink:

I have broad experience in municipal auditing and while dAPP is very exciting, I have zero experience. I volunteer to be a cheerleader though - I can see how Coda could provide the perfect vehicle as an auditing framework. Good luck on this project!

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Dear @Xyzor_Max,

Sorry not replying strictly to your question :innocent:

What if user (group) rights in Coda could be managed with a smart contract?

What if the security of a Coda doc / page was managed on the block chain?

I don’t have the competency, but a sense that the future is in this direction :arrow_up:


I could not believe that the State of Georgia in the USA does not have a central property register. (I do not know whether any other states have? In South Africa there is a central property register, each property owner has a copy of the deed of ownership. Any liens or mortgages and priorities are also recorded. This information is available to the public. (Buyers, sellers, banks and other lenders.)

This provides security of ownership to the owner, security of coverage to the lenders.

I have always thought that this would be an obvious candidate for a blockchain.

@Piet_Strydom, you are correct. and this is the core of what we do with blockchain. we store all manner of auditable documents in a repository, placing an encrypted hash of the documents and authentications etc on the blockchain under a smart contract. only the owners of the appropriate crypto-wallets can see inside the documents, but ANYONE can execute queries to verify status, ownership, sign-offs and certain attributes via an interface built-in to the contract code.

suddenly, all those audits, assessments, searches, reviews, and special reports are no longer needed. lawyers and auditors can focus on something else more useful to society. a surprising fraction of the cost of getting FDA approval is suddenly reduced.

i expect some startup to build a simple platform for this, get funding, fight the court battles to establish precedents, and make a fortune. wondering if amazon or google will seize the opportunity?

meantime, we provide a tailored solution and wait for blockchain to increase its transactions per second to match visa or paypal… then things will get interesting.




@Piet_Strydom, in the future this will be feasable.

but at present the limited capacity of blockchains becomes an issue. so each contract is expensive to operate for now. only valuable assets are economical targets for this approach at present.

etherium will soon support sharding and proof-of-stake which increases the throughput significantly while reducing the energy cost per transaction by 90%+

eventually the cost per contract will become close to zero and response times close to http latency.

but until then, we must rely on nonblockchain, nondistributed mechanisms.



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I’m not much of an expert on this, but I’m an artist and sell NFTs. Etherium is very popular in digital artist circles as it is the main NFT payment unit on well-known marketplaces such as I would be interested to know more about your project. Will you then sell the software that you develop? Or is it just for private use?