Export to PDF Action

Nothing big: But would love an “Export to PDF” action for buttons that takes a page in your doc as a parameter. That would be awesome.

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Hey @Scott_Collier-Weir ,

I had posted the same in August. I also requested some optional settings.
I will add them here and ad my vote to this thread.

Greetings, Joost

My previous post - slightly edited:


The export to PDF is very useful and it solves some printing problems.

Can we please (please please please) get this feature as a button function with the following optional settings:

  1. The name of the page to print (when blanc default to this page)
  2. Pages (with one more option: only subpages either from ‘this page’ or the ‘named page in 1)’
  3. Layout
  4. Size

This would be so incredibly nice. The only subpages option is to make sure the button isn’t on the output.

Thanks in advance for your consideration - if you honor my request I won’t ask for page breaks anymore :sweat_smile:


I would like to export to PDF whereby you can control which goes to another page. Currently we can’t know the content of a particular page without exporting one by one. My suggestion:

  1. Use line break to indicate the content will be on another page

A work around is to put the content on multiple sub-pages.
It isn’t fool proof but maybe a bit more workable.

But to be able to put some hard breaks in a document would be perfect