Export To PDF from button

I would love to be able to export a document to PDF and add it to a table column with a button on the document.

Is this possible?

If not, is it possible to export a document to PDF from a button on the document?

hi @Chris_Hall ,
many people suggested and asked for a print function linked to a button and options to ‘design’ the doc before printing (to pdf). Though an essential feature to convince business owners to start using Coda, their focus does not seem so (yet).

you can print however a doc to pdf and even select something, but it is all rather limited (in use)

Cheers, Christiaan


There is now a new way to export to pdf by using forward slash “/” and type “PDF” and it will bring you straight to export to PDF function.

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But that does not work on locked pages and it doesn’t automatically set the options (page size, sub pages). We also need to be able (with code) to give a name and location. So we need a function that we can use in CFL and in a button. The average user is not going to find the current pdf function.
And, although it has been said many times already, we need to be able to export a single row (or a single layout (modal)) to pdf as well. I can’t hurt to repeat this much needed functionality.


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