Save to pdf button with options

Printing a page works pretty good now, that is, the output is pretty OK for many different pages, but it would be nice if we can trigger saving to pdf/printing a page from a button. All the current printing options (safe to pdf or CtrlP) are either to limited or require to check your settings.

Ideally, there would be a button action to safe to pdf with the following options:

  1. safe to where
  2. document name (including variables from fields)
  3. page layout (long or wide)
  4. scale % and/or fit to width and/or fit to length
  5. which page to save/print (so you can put the button on another page and don’t see it in your pdf)
    4a) or the option to not show/print the button in the pdf
  6. an optional setting to show (or not show) a save to pdf menu with the above options upon pressing the print button.

If there is already a work around I would certainly appreciate hearing more.

Greetings, Joost


Yes, printing / creating pdf via button would be really nice :slight_smile:
For a start it could even be Print (Page) or createPDF (page) similar how send page via email work where it will use current settings from browser and just instant print, where you can setup a page how you like and then just print it instead of going to . It would improve experience with printing invoices or other documentation a lot for people who are not really used to software (so you don’t have to explain, go to page, press tri dots, select this than that, etc :))

Of course going straight to more complex solution that @joost_mineur proposed would be even better :smiley:

This would be a great feature! Some of the users of my docs which are not tech-savvy have trouble getting around the current print option since it’s hidden in the three dots to the right of the doc title. (The fact that these dots are only displayed when you hover the mouse over that location, makes it even harder for users).

Maybe the solution doesn’t have to be a new type of button you can add to the canvas of the doc, but only adding a print to the tools bar, right next to the “Add comment” button.

Just throwing some ideas around!

+1 on this.

Also, what if a save as pdf function so you could create your own buttons where you want them to be?