Exporting Entire Documents?

Is there a way to export entire documents to pdf, Word, or other formats? Not just a single page or record.

Hi @Garland_Coulson_Captain_Time :blush: !

If you click on the 3 dots ( ・・・) next to the title and then go to Print & PDFExport to PDF :

It will open a modal where, under the section Page, you’ll find a dropdown in which you should find the option Entire doc :blush:

I’ve never tested this so I won’t guarantee the result (as I think you can’t change the orientation during the process and some pages, depending on your doc, might look better if exported in landscape mode than portrait or vice-versa), but I just know the option is there :innocent:

For other formats maybe there’s a pack in the Gallery that could help you but it might be limited to the content of tables (so, not really a whole doc).


Thank you, this does work but doesn’t allow for any navigation at all other than just paging down. Somewhat useful, but not quite what I am looking for. I guess I will stick with the shared web formats.

I’m having this same issue. In my main doc, I have subdocs. Our main docs typically have lots of subdocs. I can’t export just ONE of those subdocs in its entirety. It only gives me page 1. And if I choose Entire Doc on the export page…it gives me 1 page of each subdoc within my main doc. I just want to export a subdoc in its entirety. Have yet to figure it out :frowning:

There is a way to export an entire doc if you are on an enterprise plan. Are either of you on an enterprise plan?

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