Extract data from only one row

Hi Community,

I know this has been asked many, many, many, many, many times before, and so I apologize for the obvious repetition. However, the fact of the matter is that after reading through post after post after post, each of which I’m confident is going to be the one to answer my question…I’m still left with my question.


I have a fairly simple notes table, that looks like this:

Mostly this works great. Each row is a note, each canvas holds the goods…it’s nicely organized and searchable.

However, what it isn’t, is hierarchical. And so, once I have a certain number of notes on a given topic, what I’d like to do is create a NoteBOOK (aka a wiki) that is organized in pages and subpages.

And what I’m having trouble figuring out is how to turn the data in the tables into pages and subpages.

Seemingly, there must be a way to do this, right? I mean, the whole point of a database is that you can query it to extract any data that you wish.

Sadly, after a night of struggling, I’ve decided that I’m just not up to the task. So maybe I can ask for someone’s help?


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Hi Matt,

I don’t think there is a way to generate pages and subpages from tables. But I wonder if this is really what you need? A wiki can also be a table, with references to other items. For example, I have a table glossary that @mentions other items in the glossary.

Perhaps shifting your thoughtproces from wiki as pages to wiki as table, might be the answer?

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Thanks for the response Freerk_Lap,

Perhaps it’ll help if I indicate where I’m at so far:

I know that I can create a ‘Duplicate Page’ when a new row from a table is added, and have that Page reciprocally linked to the contents of the table. I can do that through a button within the table, or I can do that through an automation.

And I know that I can create a simple Canvas Formula within that new page (e.g. [Notes and Notebooks].Notes) that will copy all of the Canvas Column’s info onto this new page.

However: that ends up adding ALL of the Canvas Column’s contents - every row from the table.

Anyone can help me limit this to the specific row that I want?


I mean, sure, I suppose I could completely shift my thought process re what a wiki is. But that would also require that I sacrifice the hierarchical organization, and the extra formatting bells/whistles. Seem’s I’d be much better off just doing it in Notion instead.

Truthfully, I’m really quite stymied by this one. I really want to like Coda, am really, really trying to. Will probably stick with it for its various strengths. But a database where the information can’t actually be pulled from the database - it’s CrAzY?

I’m still a novice in many regards when it comes to Coda, but it sounds like you need a .filter() to prevent all rows from populating. Have you worked with filters before? If not, I found Maria’s video very helpful as a primer: How to use filter formulas in Coda | Formula Essentials - YouTube

If this doesn’t help, I yield my time to those of greater knowledge :wink:

I want to finish by adding: I’ve used Notion, and i’ve used apps like Clickup. None of them have the flexibility of Coda. If you can’t do it here, you can’t do it anywhere!

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