Failed to delete the specified permission

Hi Coda Community!

I am working on the simple client for Coda API and have an issue with using “deletePermission” endpoint.

I always receive:

      "message"       => "Failed to delete the specified permission.",
      "statusCode"    => 400,
      "statusMessage" => "Bad Request"


  1. Create some test document under my Coda account.
  2. Shared it with other email.
  3. Check permissions:
      "href"  => "",
      "items" => [
        [0] {
          "access"    => "write",
          "id"        => "50e032a3-0150-45e4-90c3-5ba6246c850d",
          "principal" => {
            "email" => "",
            "type"  => "email"
  1. Failed to delete permissions:

I also successfully added permissions with “addPermission” call, but then couldn’t delete them with the same error.

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Hi @Vadym_Lvovskyi, welcome to the community!

Probably good to loop in @oleg and @JonathanGoldman

I haven’t played much with the api

Hi Vadym! Indeed, we have a bug in that endpoint, sorry for the inconvenience. We’re working on a fix, should be live within a few days.

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Thank you for update, @JonathanGoldman