Feature request: expand view should focus on first element

I have a Grocery app/doc, loosely inspired by https://coda.io/t/Grocery-List_th4uigFAqmT. I predominantly use this on mobile, when I suddenly have an idea for an item to buy, or am at a grocery store and am buying things. I am used to using a Google Keep card for this, where from looking at the checklist it is one click to add a new row and start typing. Every tap or swipe matters - I really want to keep actions and effort to a minimum.

There’s an extra unnecessary click every time I am adding an item in Coda. Every time I click my “add item” button, I get to an expanded new entry view like this:

Note how I had one click to get this modal open, and now need another click on the “Item” field to start typing (or on mobile, open the system keyboard).

Can this modal have a default behavior of cursor focus on the 1st field? Or some buried option of where to set the default focus to?


Thank you!

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