Feature Request - Indirect

Really enjoying Coda! One suggestion I’d like to add is something equivalent to INDIRECT in Excel and/or Sheets.

For an example use case, I have multiple tables in the same document referencing each other. This forces tables to have to be done like the table on top instead of the one at the bottom:

Being able to refer to the name of a column and use it in a lookup and/or filter would be great.

Now, you can sort of force the below table by using Groups - i.e. grouping the Weeks along the top and the Persons along the left, as follows:


While that is a good workaround, still think Indirect could be useful in a number of areas.

Thanks in advance for any consideration.

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I would appreciate this feature. But the power of indirect isn’t just for dynamically choosing the column name, but also the table name.

This would allow a table column to reference data from not just a fixed table, but dynamically choose the table based on another column.

This allows much more flexibility in the data model space.


ID, Desc
1, Honda Civic
2, Nissan Rogue

1,123 Newport Road
2, 457 Glenwood Street

ID, person, thing_type, thing
1, Steve, table_car, Honda Civic
2, Victor, table_house, 457 Glenwood Street

See [How to dynamically choose table to lookup from?](http://How to dynamically choose table to lookup from? )