Indirect Formula

Hi Lovely coda product team,

First I’d like to really thank you for shipping such a great and intuitive product. It’s such a joy to work with Coda, love it.

I’m currently trying to design a project delivery tracker for my teams and I’m getting into an issue.

I’ve created a “Master” tracker for all the projects of my teams. This is done on the back of a table and it works great. I have also created, for each project, a delivery plan template that uses another table to track all the delivery items at a much lower level of Granularity. In this project delivery plan array I have a progress column (slider) that the team uses to update the progress on each of the work items.

I wanted to link back each project progress back to the overall tracker so that I get an overview of all the projects at the same time but I haven’t been successful so far.

Is it possible to indirectly reference a table by name? Ideally the formula I’m looking to design on my master table would be something like:

Round(Average(Indirect(Concatenate(MyMasterTable.ProjectName, " - Delivery Plan)).progress))

Thanks in advance for your suggestions on how to do this.

Kind regards,

Hi Laurent, the way to do this is to make all of the project tables views of your master table, and filter them to only show data relevant to the current project. This can be specified with a control on the page of the project