Feature request - Open a linked record's full-details pop-up on double click


It would be far more practical if we were able to simply open the details pop-up of a record linked in a cell by a plain double-click, rather than having to :

  • hover over it for a short while to get the minimal details pop-up that cannot be custom laid-out
  • then click on the expand icon to get the full-details pop-up

Currently, when double-clicking on the linked record, one only gets an alert pop-up stating : “Values in this column are calculated by a formula and can’t be directly changed / Edit formula”. This does not seems imperative, and far less useful than opening details on double-click.

As a complement it would be useful to be able to customize the layout of the minimal details pop-up that automatically appears on hover.

For instance in my editorial calendar, where each newsletter has its own column, I would really like being able to open up a specific issue details by double clicking, to be able to see immediately its full content (linked articles), which do not appear in the on-hover minimal details pop-up (only the beginning of the 1st one is shown, and not ranked where I would liked in the list of info).


Very much agree!

And if the lookup is a select list, rather than determined by formula, I would still like this behavior. I can click on the little black down triangle (or even just anywhere in the cell outside of the oval encircled entry) if I want to alter which entry I’m selecting in the lookup/select list.

In either instance, formula lookup or select list, whenever I’m pulling in entries into another table, I think a single click to show the small details popup, and a double click to open the expanded details pop up would work best.

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@Aaron_Moritz and @Xavier_Rabilloud I totally agree! This really would be a great addition.

Right now you can get around this with a button using a Activate(thisrow.[lookupcolumn]) formula to with just one click pop up all the information from that lookup. Try it out!

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Many thanks @Scott_Collier-Weir I will definitely try you workaround… but nethertheless calls on Coda to implement the appropriate feature :wink: