Feedback button in every page

Hi Coda community,

I want to create a submit feedback button in every page and sub page of my help center so that, whenever a user wants to give a feedback about the content in that page, I get an email notification that a particular user in my workspace has a feedback from that particular page or subpage with categories like broken links, errors, suggestions for improvements in content and so on.

Can anyone help on this?

Hi Manoj,

Start with implementing an email pack (Google or Outlook).
Then do a button with runActions() - First get the necessary information from the person, and then pull that inofmration into the respective sendMail formula that comes with the email pack.


Thanks Piet,

I am new to Coda and its programming language. Could you please help with a sample code for runActions() ? The email should contain a link of the page from which the feedback was received and the type of feedback such as broken links, need more info, etc.


Hi manoj, do you use gmail or outlook?

I use Gmail as my workspace


Hi Piet
Is there a way to do this without using packs?
Lets say a particular user submits their feedback and I run the automation to receive an email.