Feedback requested: B2B Marketing Framework doc

Hi everyone, I wanted to share a template I’m working on with @joannalin from Simon Data. I included a tutorial video in the first section to walk you through the doc.

If you work in B2B marketing, have you ever been asked how many leads you need to bring in “top of the funnel” in order to hit a certain sales target? With this template, B2B marketers can quantify their work for their sales counterparts. This template is still a work in progress, so I’d love to get your thoughts about the format and usability, thanks!

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Couple feedback items:

  • If you could add a reference for the industry conversion rates that might be great context reading.
  • On the input section, I think it might be helpful to define the sales cycle time in terms of the standard deal stages you provide. Currently it defined as " Number of days between when a lead turns into a closed sale", but think there might be typo in that sentence because it doesn’t say what the number of days of the sales cycle is measured between (two points, not one).
  • Typo on model section, last table of the page, second column “date to BEING sales cycle”. I think this is a really important output of the model that might good to bring to more central to the document.
  • Last thing, anything you can do to emphasize that time is always working against us in these efforts might be valuable to users and very easy to add a a link or reference.
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  • This might not the the place for it, but if you added a simple “sanity check” at the beginning, it might be really interesting.
    - Input: sales cycle duration, sales target for next 90 days (or similar)
    - Powered by the standard industry conversion rates and time in stage if available from same source as conversion numbers.
    - Output: Number of deals required at each stage today
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Thanks for the feedback @Gordon_McArthur1! I just fixed some of the typos you mentioned like the sales cycle time (days between SAL and Wins) and the “date to begin sales cycle.”

For the “sanity check,” are you saying on the “Inputs” section, the marketer can just provide 2 numbers (sales cycle duration and sales target for next 90 days) and the model would just tell the marketer # of deals required at MCL, MEL, SQL, etc.?

Thanks @Al_Chen_Coda , my thinking for a sanity check is that it might be its own section and the inputs would be few, with the main value to the user being that it would give a quick indication whether they are way-out in left-field. Or maybe they have off the charts amazing conversion rates (but if they do, they probably already know).

If I say that my 90 day goal is 2500 new paid users activating, and my sales cycle is on average 180 days, the model would output a funnel based on standard rates to compare against my real funnel (and to try and understand).

Gotcha. I’ll speak with @joannalin to see if we can incorporate something like this into the template!