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Hi Everybody,

Please help me do some market research. I have two Docs that I am working on, which I believe would be useful, but I need to prioritise one.

The first is a document to assist with SAP implementations, but which can be easily adapted to other software development or generic research or information gathering. This is not another Basecamp or checklist - The idea behind this doc is that it will facilitate the gathering of information to document the functional requirements, the master data needed, and the configuration needed. In the end, it will be a full set of documentation of the system available to both the technical and business parts of the business. Not in there yet, but future phases could include access to training materials and error resolution assistance.

I have given some colleagues an overview here:

And the incomplete Doc is here.

I could earn income from this doc by selling/ leasing it to companies doing implementations. (SAP or otherwise). In SAP, the doc (group of docs) will eventually consist of a few hundred master data and config gathering document tables plus generic SAP implementation information. The second income stream would be from enhancing and supporting the basic document.

The second document that I am working on is completely different. I have prepared a website providing information on how to do your personal financial planning. The beta version is available here.

In it I pose some “Essential Questions”: What happens if I die to soon? What happens if I don’t die soon enough?, etc.
I then show how you can use various financial instruments (Life insurance, Pension plans etc) to address those questions. The second document gives place to record the financial instruments of a person and model them into the future. Then one can ask questions of the model like: what happens if I die now, or any date in the future. What happens on retirement date, etc.

This document is still in its infancy. (I am currently spending my spare time on the SAP KAT document mentioned above.)
There will need to be functions to capture the various financial instruments, a simple savings account would look something like this:

A simple question like, what if I loose my job today, would be answered like this:

The doc would also need to provide the ability to update regular update with actual information.

With this doc I would probably charge $5-$10 per year to provide access to the doc, and maybe an hourly fee to initially set up the document while explaining the philosophy behind the questions and how to respond to them.

So, onto the questions. There seem to be quite a few developers on the community, as well as a few financial guys.

Do you think that there would be a demand for either of these?
More for one than the other? (Doing either of them well would be a very large task.)
Hints or suggestions?


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