Filter button not updating?

Hello! I’m trying to set up a “project page” template. It has two tables, referencing a master Task Database and a master Meetings Database. As I create a new project, I’d like to click on the enabled filter button for the “project” column and select the project which this page relates to.

However, when clicking the button only a few of the available projects show up:


There should be quite a few more, as shown when clicking on the project column:

(can’t upload more than one image)

And bonus question, I have now set up a few buttons to add:

  • A new contact person
  • A new company (where person works)
  • A new project (for that company)
  • A new meeting (for that project)
  • A new task (for that project)

Can I make a form or something and not have to click through this setup?

Hey there!

Here’s what’s going on. You currently have two tables:

  1. Projects
  2. Project Tasks

When you click into the lookup column to select a project for the row it brings up every Project in the projects as an available selection

When you click into the filter drop-down to filter your Tasks table it is only showing the unique values/projects currently in the tasks table (hence why you see less options).

As soon as there is at least 1 task associated with each project then your filter bar will show the same selection as the lookup column

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