Filter/formulas help


I want to build a conditional formatting formula based on the first two letters in a field. I haven’t been able to get a formula to work. For example, I have a field that has data like, R-N-1, R-S-4, R-C-5, ST-2, ST-5, ST-GP etc. I want to be able to format all the rows that start with “ST” in this field. I also want to create another conditional format with the rows that start with “R”.

Is there a wildcard that works in Coda or a way to query begins with?

Any help would be appreciated.



Hi @Jennifer_Biggs you can use .Startswith() for this

Take a look at the conditional formats in



That is perfect, just what I needed. Thanks
Quick follow-up questions. If there are two different conditional formats that effect the same row which one takes priority? Is it from top to bottom kind of like CSS? If that is the case can you change the order of the formulas? or is there another way to set the priority?



Top to bottom. And you can change the order by dragging the conditional format up or down.

Here is the doc in case you want to play with it.



Thank you again. I had tried dragging the formulas before, but was not able to. Thanks to your little video I found the sweet spot that lets you drag them. I am good now.