Filter table based on selected row in another table

I am trying to create a daily journal table with notes and. other fields for that day. When I select the row (Date) I want to filter another table to show all of my trades for that day only. I have gone through the community and cannot find a way to do this and it seems like ti should be simple to do. I don’t have a way to refer to the selected row in the daily journal table. Could someone take a look

The tables are [Daily Journal] and [Daily Trades]. I want to take the selected row [Date] from [Daily Journal] and filter to only show the trades with a [Trade Time (UTC+0)] of the same date. I also made a formula field called [Trade Time Short] to only show the date instead of datetime

Thank you!!

Not sure I’m understanding completely, but what if you created a checkbox column on the Daily Journal?

Then you could check the box of the date you want to use to filter the Daily Trades table. In the Daily Trades table, you create a filter formula that matches the trade to the checked row in Daily Journal.

@Patrick_Kinsella1 Thanks for the response.

The idea is that everyday I am reviewing my trades for the day [Daily Trades] and adding one journal note [Daily Journal] about the overall market structure, etc. It would be ideal if when I select a row in [Daily Journal] that only the trades corresponding to the selected row (via Date column matches) for the [Daily Journal] display in the [Daily Trades] table.

Does that help? It is a simple child table filter based on an onSelect event on the parent table.

I could be mistaken, but I think the core of your issue is that there’s no such thing as an onSelect event in Coda…that I know of. So the checkbox is one way of replicating that functionality.

I figured there is not an onSelect, I was just referring to that event as it is common in programming. My assumption is that they have some way to replicate this as it is a very common use case for data tables.

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