Filter table for percent of rows?

Is it possible to filter a table view so that it only shows a definite quantity, or ideally, percent of rows?

What I’d like to do is take a single column from a long list, and show unique segments of it in adjacent layouts on the same page.

Hey, this is a great question! I think you can achieve something like this using a formula similar to the following: [Table Name].Filter([Column Name]).CountUnique()

If that doesn’t quite work, please feel free to reach out to support so one of our customer champions can take a closer look at your setup and help out further.

I’d solve it like this:

  1. Add a column for the row’s position: thisTable.Find(thisRow), optionally with filtering and sorting if that’s what you have on your view.

  2. Set up the filters to be, e.g. (for 4 segments)

Position <= Position.Max() / 4
Position > Position.Max() / 4 AND Position <= Position.Max() * 2 / 4
Position > Position.Max() * 2 / 4 AND Position <= Position.Max() * 3 / 4
Position > Position.Max() * 3 / 4

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