Cant filter rows, first row = all rows

Hello there
I found this weird thing where I have a table with 2 more views:
1 is detail view and the second is just a normal table view. Main table is just a normal one though before hand it was in the form of detail display, I change it after I thought it was the source of the problem.
My problem is that in the second view table (normal display table) I want to filter the rows and keep only the first three, which is something I managed to do before but for some reason I noticed that my formulas results always as first row= all rows. Meaning if I filter the first row then all the rows will be filtered and if I keep the first row then all the rows will appear.
The table consist of simple columns and the Display column of this table is just a simple date column. By the way, If I use the Coda´s filters by time like the last 30 days then it does work but it´s not a table I work with all the time .
(I know its way easier when if I would put a dummy example, it´s just that I kinda can´t, sorry)
Thanks in advance!

Without a sample it is really hard to tell you what to do, but I will try:

  1. you need a column with some information to sort on (rowID, date, quantity, whatever). You say you want to filter and only show the first three - but first needs to be based on something. You don’t have to sort the table, you can use sort in your formula.
  2. so, I make add a numerical column and I call it Sort - but you can name it whatever you want. My Sort column has a formula
    you might already have a column that is suitable to use for the filter, if so, use that column in the following formula, which you place in the table filter

thisRow.In(thisTable.Sort(true,thisTable.Sort).Slice(1, 3))

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Hey there Joost!
Sorry to make it hard BUT I am more than happy to say your solved it!
It works perfect!
I guess the thing I missed there was the “In” formula.
Thank you very much!

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