How to filter out rows based on a view?

Imagine, we have a big table (main table with 100 rows). We have its view where we have applied filters and this view table has 30 rows out of 100 rows of the main table.
Now, we need another view table (view table 2), where we need to see rest of the 70 rows. So basically we need to filter out those 30 rows of ‘view table 1’ from 100 rows of ‘main table’ to get those remaining 70 rows for ‘view table 2’.
How can we do that?

What have I tried so far: I tried creating a checkbox column in ‘main table’ to indicate that a particular row exists in ‘view table 1’. For this checkbox column I used same filters (with if formula) as ‘view table 1’. I tried creating ‘view table 2’ applying the filter of this new checkbox column but it is not working. I shows 0 rows in ‘view table 2’.

I would not use the checkboxes, but:

!) make a copy of your view table (view table 2) and reverse the filter. You can do that by going into the filter, display them as formula(s) and wrap the entire formula in not(), i.e. not(formula). If you have more than one filter do this for all the filters.

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Hello @Piyush_Patil!
@joost_mineur way will work but if for some reason, later you want to change the filter on your first table you would have to change the filters in the second.
An alternative way is using the next formula in your second table:

thisRow.Contains([Table view 1]).Not()



Hey @Saul_Garcia ,

That is so smart! Thanks for pointing this out - I would not have thought of this being possible.

Greetings, Joost


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