Filter to show only cells that have an error?

Hey all,

I’m using lookup columns to validate data pulled in from an external user submitted tool, and need a way to check for errors. Obviously the little red arrow appears, but is there a way to filter and show only cells that have errors? (In Google Sheets, isError().

In this case, this user input his name as Jonathan, not Jon, which he usually does.

**Note - i know there are other ways I can handle/include this particular situation - I’m just curious if there’s a fast way to view only cells that contain errors in my large database.

Kinda sketchy but try filtering with


This should work if the non-error state is an object (e.g. a column lookup to another users table, or the first name of a User object, etc.). Probably would not work if it’s just a simple text select where you’ve set a validation list though.

But yeah, there should be an isError() style check. I don’t see anything like that in the docs.

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