Return only numbers and filter out text from column contents

Hello, I have a Lookup that searches a row of vendor item numbers. Some of the item numbers in the lookup column have letters at the end of the number. But my data that I am matching to does not use the letters and only includes the numbers.
Is there a formula to essentially filter out the text and return only the numbers in the lookup column data?

Hard to help you exactly, but you should be able to do something like:

RegexReplace(“[0-9]”, “”)

Regex is a method of matching patterns within sets of text. The [0-9] is asking it to look for numbers, and then replace them with a blank value

hi @Ben_Peine
what about :


Turn the string into a list of items via Split(), evaluate each item in the list (number or not) using Filter and isNumber() and glue it together via Join()
this will return the string with only the numbers
cheers, Christiaan


@Christiaan_Huizer Your formula would work if I was able to create a column in the Lookup table with your formula. Unfortunately, I currently am not able to add a column to the table as I am pasting new data over the table when the source data is updated from a spreadsheet. I know the way I have this table and the lookup of it set up is not right. I am working on solving that problem separately in the post linked below.

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