Lookup and Filter Malfunction? Hidden data in input?

[Part Numbers].filter([Part Number] = thisRow.[part number text])

This works when I make the [part number text] field plain text and manually type in the value, but when I pull the value out of existing text, it no longer works.

The formula I used to take it from existing text is…
split(thisRow.Product, " ").first().toText()

This is the same formula I am using to create the part number as well, so I am not sure why the input to create the item cannot be used to search for the item.

It seems to have trouble with items that have dashes ( - ), but sometimes they work… It is super inconsistent. The specific data point that is currently not working is “596279-001”

Any ideas?

Instead of inputting part numbers, can you use a Lookup column?

Then your formula can be something like:

[Part Numbers].filter(CurrentValue = thisRow.[Part Lookup])

Can you share a sample doc?

I will come back to this in a day or two with a sample doc. It will take a minute to set it up.