Filtering Dates without Year

I have a doc with full dates. I want to recognize the anniversary of this date, and have a table but want to filter for upcoming anniversaries. This means I want to filter for upcoming date/month but not year. Is that possible?

Hi Allison.

You can use the below formulas to isolate day and month. If you need then in the same column, just use concatenate.




You may also find it helpful to build another column, “next anniversary”, using the Date() formula to adjust the year as needed

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Hi Nick

yes, Absolutely. I had a birthday calendar at some stage, and once I have congratulated the person, I had a button that would add 12 months to the date when clicked.


hi @abpedro ,

below the function that sets automatically the next BD date, I use this kind of logic often in the context of contract management (next pay date, renewal etc). You can do this in various ways, below one approach:

thisRow.[BD USA].Substitute(thisRow.[BD USA].Year(), ToDay().Year())
      TheNextBD > Today(),
      thisRow.[BD USA].Substitute(thisRow.[BD USA].Year(), ToDay().Year()+1)

once you have this, you can extract the years in the filter on the year in the column Next BD as @Nick_HE suggested.

hope it helps, cheers, Christiaan


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