Filtering Dates

I have having some difficulty getting filters to work which are based on dates. I suspect this relates to a different field type for dates entered manually vs dates created by Zapier vs the date created field in Coda vs the Today function in Coda.

Can anyone give advice on how to convert these to some common denominator in order to be able to create custom formatting based on date parameters?

What does the date format from Zapier look like?

It appears like any other date i.e. 5/11/18.

I can have a Current date column which shows 5/11/18 and a Zapier date column showing as 5/11/18. Yet when I filter as zaierdate=today() or thisrow.zapierdate=today() it does not work. All sorts of other filters work so I believe I understand the conventions for accessing row details in a filter. But there is clearly something different about the data structure for the dates.

@Richard_Kaplan just tested this and the only thing I can find is if one column is formatted as a text, it will compare the “to text” values (i.e. you need to make sure they display as the same).

In all permutations of date columns, text columns, and formulas, I get correct true/false readings and filter values. This is true in both thisrow.[Date] = [Zapier Date] and [Zapier Date] = today().

Could you post a screenshot of an example you’re working with?

Could you try the following in a table:

  1. let zapier enter the dates in column 1

  2. copy the whole column one into column 2 (incl. the header)

  3. change only the data points in column 2 to whatever u need (today or whatever).

does this give you a different result?

(or alternatively let zapier also create column 2 at the beginning, then change the zap to not edit it any more)

Here is my example - any idea why this does not work?

just today i had issues with the datetime format. Maybe it is the same issue here?

Can u try to use this formula in a new column**=DateTimeTruncate([Date Created],“day”)**

This should coverte it perfectly to a date (at least it did in my case)


That worked!

Many thanks

glad it does!

dates and times seem to work pretty differently compared to excel / googlesheets :wink:

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