Filtering views

Hello, I’ve been searching and I know you can filter table views according to the user, or make a roles table for the users and use it instead but I was wondering if it’s possible to have a table view filtered for a normal user but simultaneously unfiltered for the ‘admin’ user?

Does it also work for pages? I have a ‘dashboard’ page with different summary numbers, KPIs l, charts and tables. Do I need to filter each and every single one of those items to the user view or can I do it to the page?

Thank you

Hi Tiago

The first part of what you’re asking is definitely possible. I’ve whipped up a quick demo doc to show you how it’s done. The gist of the solution is solving two problems:

  1. A formula to calculate the current User()s role
  2. And a filter on each table that filters rows by whatever criteria OR displays them all when the user role matches “admin”.

For the second part of your question… no, unfortunately there isn’t a quick way to filter all tables based on the page they’re on. You’ll have to write a filter for each table.

Hope that helps! Shout if you’ve got any questions.


Thank you very much for your response and help. i will look into it and get back to you.

Just tested and used the “Second Demo”, it works perfectly. Thank you again

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