Filters that apply to form inputs

Hi, I have a form that I use as a web booking tool (thanks Coda, that saves me another subscription). However I can’t apply the filter to exclude options that are in the past. I can apply it to the table and I want to keep the past events so as to see who attended which event so I don’t wish to delete events.

Any suggestions?

Hey there, Alison from support here.

If i’m reading this correctly, and you would like to filter out all past events from your form’s table then I think I have a solution for you. You should be able to have a column that will auto populate with the date based on what selections the form user selects. You can then filter out by that column using your filter controls.
Screen Shot 2023-12-29 at 9.23.18 AM

To get your table to auto populate the date associated with an event I would suggest you have a source table with “Name of the event” as one column and “date” as the other, then reference that with a formula to pull the correct dates.

Hi @Alison_Schreuder thanks for getting back, it’s not filtering the table that’s causing a problem it’s filtering the form options. I don’t want users to be able to select a date on the form that’s in the past.

Filtering the original table, or selecting the form, changing it to a table and filtering then returning it to a form, does not help. See the screenshot to show that past dates are still shown as options.


Hey @Jonathan_Richardson are you able to share your doc here so we can take a look at your setup?

I can’t due to personal data in there but I have contacted support thanks

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