Find all canvas formulas in a doc

Hello, as I have been building out my parts of a collaborative document I have used the openAI pack formulas right on the canvas as experiments. This, I now know was a bad idea; but I’m stuck with a very slow coda page. I have tried to remove all the formulas I know I added, but I still see long openAI sync times that start on page refreshes so I know there are still some around.
The analyze calculations tool is basically worthless, it will say it is analyzing calculations then just never show me any results. Is there a way to find all formulas used in coda? like a doc map but for formulas?

Thank you in advance! this is a painful lesson to always put formulas behind buttons!! - John

oh it was in the doc map! Still having issues though even after removing the last random open AI pack canvas formula… The ‘syncing’ indicator never goes away and the analyzer does not show relevant results (the tables shown do not have formulas in them that use the pack!)

Hi @John_Hanacek :blush: !

Isn’t there a manual refresh rate available in the settings of the OpenAI pack ?

What happens if you click on Disable Calculations ?
(which normally should stop all calculations in the doc… but I don’t remember how it works for syncing packs)

Other than that, maybe clear cache and cookies could help :thinking:

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