Find duplicates across several columns and show only first type

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Someone could probably save me half a day with the right answer to this.

My goal is to make it as easy as possible for people to review a list of changes by only showing the pertinent rows.

I want to find all the rows that are total duplicates (in respect to two of the columns, but not the rest of the columns) and hide all but the first “level” of the duplicates. So if there is a row “Apples” with the description “Do this” at “Level 1” and “verson 1” and another row “Apples” with the description “Do this” at “Level 2” I only want to be able to show the level 1 version and filter the level 2 version. However, if there was a row “Apples” with the description “Do this, Do that” at “level 2” I want to show both the level 1 and level 2 rows since they are different.

I made a test doc to show what I’m after. Would greatly appreciate any help!

Make sure to share your doc publicly!

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Done, thanks very much!

Nice! In your doc, can you give me a manual example of what the difference table might look like?

Perhaps create a row with a checkbox called “Should Show Up” and then check the ones that should show up

The column “Is Original or Duplicate?” is what I want the formula to show - original should show up, duplicate shouldn’t

What is the difference between a level and a version?

In my actual document, it’s for an accreditation program. It’s a list of standards that have certain evidence requirements for. Each standard has 3 levels, which applies to different sizes of organizations. Standard Level 1, Standard Level 2, and standard level 3 all have multiple versions. We iterate on the standards, and I’m trying to make it as easy as possible to compare Standard A level 1 version 1 with Standard A level 1 version 2, etc.

Ah, so what you’re saying is that what people care about is the way in which content changes between versions of the same document

And if the content is the same between versions, you don’t want to show the versions to your user? How will they know it’s the same?

In the case of my document, the content between versions is always different - either the evidence requirements, or the standard itself, or both. I want to compare v1 and v2 for each level, hiding any levels where the content is the same as the prior level.

I think the approach I would take is to set up a filter so that you only show v1 and v2, then find and filter all duplicate rows:

This post will show you the formula to find all duplicates (and optionally delete them)

How we ended up solving it:

Find duplicates - Watch Video

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Not much to add other than “Above and beyond!” Thank you Connor

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