How can i filter row that have the same content in a table?

Hello everyone, i would like to know if, with filter, is possibile to filter row that have the same content, so that appear only one row
For exemple in my table i would like that if the content in the column “Tipologia e Fase” is the same, appear only one row and not 2 row like in the photo

Thanks a lot for your response

Hi Alessio,

Could you provide a copy of the document, and some more information?

Are you filtering on the “tipologia e fase” column? If so, which of the entries should be presented?

It could be as simple as adding .first() to a filter in Tipologia…


Thanks for the response

Here a copy of the document

I would like that in the column “Tipologia e Fase”, with a use of a filter in the table, don’t appear the duplicate value. So, for example, the “Definizione OKR nella fase di onboarding” appear one time and not 3.

I hope it’s clear and thanks for your response

Good morning,

I have completed your doc. If I have understood correctly :slight_smile:

Hi Math, thanks for your response.
I’m seeing but is not the same that i need.

What I mean if is possibile with filter, to hide duplicate values of the column “tipologia e fase”, so the final result (with the filter that we need to inser) will be this table


In the example I’ve set 2 to display.
But you can easily set just one in the filter.

Then why report and not the other 2?

If you absolutely want to report if More one item, you’ll have to use a different method/organization or add specific filter.

Try this filter formula :slight_smile:

thisTable.Filter(thisRow.Tipologia e fase=CurrentValue.Tipologia e fase).First() = thisRow




Thank @Math_24 and @Rickard_Abraham for your help.

You tell me the solution and now it works

Thanks a lot and have a nice day!


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