How to find out duplicate value on the row and delete it. Need help!

Hi Guys,

is there any way to find duplicate value on our table and delete them?

I found some suggestion to follow this formula

Howerver, it does not work for me.

Need help! I am new with coda!

Dear @Joco_Wijaya

Hopeful this post will be usefule to find your duplicates

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Hello Joco! In that formula you have to replace Table with the name of your table and Column with the name of the column you are trying to check if its duplicated. Hope this helps, in any case, It is always better to ask a question posting an example file or maybe screenshots so it is easier to help. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey Joco,

Take a look at my solution here. It marks rows with data that already appeared before as duplicates:

In that case each row has an ID, so to only search for duplicates in previous rows, I can filter those down to id < If your table doesn’t have an ID system, you can create a Row ID column (e.g. by clicking the blue “add column” button → Properties → Row ID) and use that.

Thank guys. I got the solution. Amazing =)

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