Creating a button to identify & remove duplicate rows

Hi All.
@mallika had a great solution to filter and identify duplicate rows in the below thread.

I was keen to create a button that removes the duplicate rows. using mallika’s formula, but have com up short, seems like no matter how i modify it, it just deletes everything. If anyone has any ideas it would be greatly appreciated.



The formula is below.

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Here’s an example of how to do this:

And here’s a quick illustration of it working:


@shishir Amazing thank you so much. This works perfectly. At first i was thinking that it all should be in one super formula attached to the button, but splitting it up into a couple of rows makes it so much easier to digest and is much more illustrative for another editor to come in and manipulate.

Thank you again.

Hi, I would just like to mention that this solution does not relink relations in other tables, it actually breaks the relations that were attached to the 2nd instance of the duplicate.

Not a fully rounded solution unfortunately, if anyone knows a better one it would be super useful :slight_smile:

Sample of the issue:

Sample doc showing the result of deduping and the broken reference:

<iframe src="" width=900 height=500 style="max-width: 100%;" allow="fullscreen"></iframe>

Oh what an old thread got bumped!

@Guillaume_Bardon I once built a ‘fully rounded’ drop-in solution but that one might be an overkill actually :slight_smile:

For something simpler you could just remove duplicates like advised here and then resolve broken references similarly to how I did in this video.

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Oh WOW… not only did you bring a solution, you made a 2h video showing how to do it… that is so far above and beyond… that you are officially my new favorite coda Guru Mr Paul Danyliuk…
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