Removing Duplicates by Email using a button


I have a pretty basic contact sheet table and I’d like to be able to identify and eliminate duplicates based off of email address column.

I came across this post but the formula did not work in my case.

What action formula can I write to search for and eliminate rows with duplicate email addresses that occur later in the “Row ID” column or as newer in the “Date Created” column?

You help is much appreciated.

hello @P_C ,

I splitted the steps to make it easier to follow and added the count (though not needed) for the visual aspect:

the count : thisTable.Filter(email.Contains(

the first: thisTable.Filter(email.Contains(

to keep: thisTable.Filter(email.Contains(

the button goes as below:

Enjoy your day, best, Christiaan

I don’t understand the utility you’re serving by adding a “The First” column in your example, nor do I understand the formula.

However, I was able to appropriate your “to keep” formula well enough and it marks it seemingly as I intended it to.

Do you of way to remove the hyperlink in the emails column automatically?

As long as it works, understanding is secondary I guess.

I assume you want to push only one button to have only unique email addresses in text format. I borrow some insight from @joost_mineur:

  • that is a good start to first delete possible spaces (you do not see, but can be there) using Trim()
  • how to use a ModifyRows in combi with a CurrentValue without using Nth()

The name of the table is duplicates and the button links to this table and executes 3 actions: We skipp the edu part, enjoy the formula:



DeleteRows(Filter(duplicates, [to keep]="false"))


best, Christiaan