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I made a form with tally and I retrieve all the data in coda in order to have a Dashboard and statistics. How can I avoid counting a row several times. In the case of a user who submits the form multiple times.

In the form I retrieve their email


Can you share your doc, screenshots, or more context on what you’re trying to accomplish?

From your question as stated though you could just do table.email.unique().count() which would give you a count of unique submissions.

I can’t share is sensible information. But i send screen.
I use data for calculate average but i dont have count 2 votes if user several submit

the voter judges a feature from 0 to 5. and i don’t want it to be counted multiple times if they answer the form multiple times

other example :

Are you trying to get it in the graph or the canvas formulas?

If canvas formulas it’s as simple as using the unique() formula I referenced before.

If you want to exclude the duplicates from the graph you need to filter those rows out so they don’t show.

You could do this by using a formula like:

  • table.filter( email = thisRow.email).find(thisRow)

Then filter the table where your new column = 1

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In chart and canevas. :ok_hand:

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ok thank you i will try this

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The formula nice work thx :slight_smile:

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