Find formula for two tables

I have a table with a list of equipment and information for each piece. I have a second table with a current list of equipment that was done by an outside vendor so the information is not exactly the same. I am looking for a formula which will check serial numbers in table a against the serial numbers in table b and if they do not show up, make the cell red. I have looked and cannot find a way to do this so I thought I would ask here. Thanks for any help you can provide.

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Would this thread help out?

If not, feel free to share the document or a little more context and a ton of people in the community would be willing to help out

I managed to get it to work with this

If(thisRow.[Serial #].Contains([Master Equipment List 2.0].[Serial Number]),“YES” ,’’ )

And then used conditional formatting to turn the cell red.

Thanks for the reply!