Trying to fine missing entries when comparing two tables

Hi I am trying to compare a two Tables. If a company is listed in table 1 and the user is named “Dan” I would like to check the other table to see if ‘Dan’ also has an entry in that table for that company. With the goal being to be able to display the number of missing entries outside of the table.

I have tried using .in() and contains() and just can’t put my finger on the issue or if this is the right approach.

Comments.[Name 2].Filter(CurrentValue=[User Select]).Contains([Full table of companies].Name).Not().Count()

Here is my sample:

Any help is appreciated.

Ok - I think I did what you are looking for, but not entierly sure. Take a look and let me know! I put everything I did on your document on a page called “Testing Differences” with some further explanation.

Scott - I updates the post with lookup tables for some fields since this seems to cause more issues when writing the formulas out. Let me know if this was enough to be helpful


Thanks David!

I looked through your doc a little more and to be honest am still a little confused for the exact output you are after.

Can you provide an example for each output (for each person selected in control, what do you expect it to return)?