Comparing entries in two tables

Hi All,
I have a table (ONT: Prj Work tasks) which defines the tasks required to deliver project works.
This table is referenced by Work Crews. I want to make a check to alert users of there is a task which does not have a work crew defined to deliver it.

I have tried a few things along the lines of:
[ONT: Prj Works Tasks].Filter([Work task].In([Work Crews].[Work Task])).[Work task]

however it always returns an empty list, or zero depending if I was counting or trying to list the outstanding crew definitions.

Note that this is a calculation outside of either table.

Any ideas would be welcome.

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Hey Elliot and welcome!
Try flattening the list with ListCombine()

[ONT: Prj Works Tasks].Filter([Work task].In([Work Crews].[Work Task].ListCombine())).[Work task]
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I have experience with database management and query optimization. Based on your requirement to check for tasks without a defined work crew, I can help create a query that accurately identifies these tasks.

Please free to reach me via: jackdev020(at)gmail(dot)com

@Jack_Smith1 , this is not the place for commercial promotion. The community is a free space and we will do what is necessary to keep it like that. You can promote your service via the market place. Best Christiaan

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Hello @Christiaan_Huizer
I have posted in market place category.

you are right, I did not notice that, my apologies.
sell well.

I figured it out. It was because the linked table relation which I was using to match to had a rowID of the source table, rather than the target table which I was operating on. I ended up having to use .ToText() and ContainsText() to get it to work. Kinda nasty, but functional.

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