Fixed Position Groups

I have a table with a lot of columns.
As I horizontally scroll across the table, it would be nice if the groups (or maybe just the parent group) would remain fixed on the left side of the screen while I scroll through the table.

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Dear @Joshua_Upton,

Have you ever considered the detail layout, like in this post:

Thank you @Jean_Pierre_Traets,

While this is neat, and I will try to integrate this into some sort of summary view, it seems to limit me to only 4 columns in the table within the detail view. Is this customizable?

I have a large table of Signs, filtered by building, then grouped into Floors, Areas within the floor, and finally Sign Type within the Areas. The table view intuitively displays all my location/sizing/pricing/notes in a way that summarizes everything quite well. However as I scroll across the roughly 30 columns to certain sections within the table, it is easy to lose which Floor or Area I am within.

If even just the Floor Group stayed fixed on the left, that would solve the issue, without a large restructure of how I input the data.

EDIT: I am silly, of course I found the table settings after I made this post, I can of course unhide the columns within the table. :blush: I still think the limited size of the display is not helping, is there a way for me to expand Coda’s default canvas size?

EDIT 2: While the size is an issue for the desktop experience, this actually has opened up a lot of possibilities on my mobile view.


I think (and hope) they’re working on this.


Here’s a quick note on customizing Details view: Button in one table that adds a row in another table, shows some columns as Hidden even though they are not