Force Date on Backfilled Table Entries?

Alright I’m back! :grin:

As I move more and more of my life onto Coda; I’m finding a common challenge I run into is that I want to backfill my tables with data that I’ve been tracking in other software. The challenge arises when I try to automate the creation of new rows and utilize a “Date Created” column.

Is there some way to work around the challenge of “whole-column” formulas to “force” the date for earlier entries?

Much appreciated as always!


Edit: After further thought, I’m realizing that an alternative way to go about this is to set the column as a regular date column and just have it auto-fill when I use either an automation or a button to create the row.

Sounds like you found a good solution to your own problem :slightly_smiling_face:

Another option is to include an “override” column. Then your “real” date column would have a formula like: thisRow.[Override Date].IfBlank(Created(thisRow)) That way, your Date Created column will be automatically the date the row was added, except when you fill in some date in the Override Date field.


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