Form embed on other website does not work

Good afternoon everybody,

I am trying to embed a Coda form in an html page, and I am getting an error.

I took out just about everything, my html now looks like:

<html class="" lang="en-US" style="--vw:1.5px; --vh:14.37px; --window-width:150px; --window-height:1437px;">
<meta content="text/html; charset=utf-8" http-equiv="Content-Type" />
<title>Untitled 1</title>
<embed type="text/html" src="" height="600" width="600">

The error I get:

Which says (in Dutch) that refused the connection. I have tried embed and iframe, both with the same result.

Does someone have an idea what of what I am doing wrong?


Now I realize that for embedding you need to user the coda embed reference and not the src you normally use to display a form.
For those interested: at design time, go to advanced (in the right side bar), go to the tab “embedded” and use the embed code that is presented to you.

@Coda1 :

  1. Why is there a logon link in the top right of this form - I imagine that when you use an embedded form you would present it (primarily) at non-coda users.
  2. The formtitle is omitted. I imagine this is not a bug, but why not leave it there (instead of ‘showing’ a pretty good chunk of empty screen?
    For 1) and 2): please make these things options at design time if you feel it needs to be this way. I prefer using Coda forms for Coda docs over 3rd party solutions and I am pretty confident forms will evolve, but this type of things will lead to confusion and/or just doesn’t look pretty.

That said: if we can get a few more form features (like using our own header and footer and/or adding a logo with an hyperlink to give our users the possibility to return to our website, I would never use iframe or embed, because it is almost impossible to get it to look good (with ugly scrollbars in the frame).