Format buttons like you can tables

Hi there,

was just working on a recurring list of things that I do with due dates that I am always changing. I don’t mind how it looks right now - and I think it would be pretty cool if I could have a button change color based on how close that task was to being due.

Imagine the day a task is due the button turns red. if it’s due 1-3 days out it’s yellow etc. Then when you click the button the due date changes in the table and the color changes back to something a little more comfortable.

I’ve been building a lot of different functionality with tables in the “back end” of my docs and then trying to keep the UI clean. I think this would be a fun implementation.

thanks for everything!

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Hello @Tom_Mohr!

This is actually possible today if you first make a button, then use the Button() formula in your table to reference it. Please note this functionality is still being tested and changed, so could break your doc (more on that here).

Another option is to simply use conditional formatting to just make changes to the cell behind the button, thanks! Also, please note, in my example I used “controlToday” instead of Today() in my formulas so it will still be a good reference example once all the tasks have become overdue. You can change the date at the top of the document to see how different days would be interpreted as time would pass.