Formatting cards to display buttons horizontally

Hi everyone,

Screen Shot 2021-09-09 at 10.54.25 AM

I’m using cards with a stage column grouped at the top. Each card also has a status, and I have created button columns that are displayed on the card which update the cards status to easily and quickly update the cards as you are working on them.

However, as there a lot of cards, I am trying to make them compact, and when I un-hide the button columns to show the three buttons on each card, the buttons are stacked vertically, which increases the size of each card a lot.

Is there any solution so that the three buttons are next to each other, horizontally, in order to save precious space?

Ordinarily, this is not possible (yet). Columns are always arrange vertically on cards, and there is only ever one button per column.

However, there is an unsupported way (and therefore not recommended because it can potentially break things at any time). There is a hidden formula Button() that can put multiple buttons side-by-side in a cell or on a card.

Rather than trying to explain how it works, you can just check out this demo.

I learned about this from Filmos here:

But again, it’s not supported by Coda and so don’t expect too much.