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Hi Everyone,

I am trying to use automations for the first time and am having an issue.

I am trying to make it so when someone submits a form that a particular doc is duplicated based off of the “Type” field in the form. Example: Submit the for with a “GC” type and the GC template doc is duplicated and added as a subpage the “Project Dashboard.” It seems to work fine the first time I use it, but when try and add a second one (adding a second row with the form) it doesn’t work. It looks like it is only working off of the first row. Any help would be appreciated.

Here is the doc I am working on:

Project Dashboard

Thank you!

Hey Brad! Thanks so much for reaching out and sharing your doc with us. Great work on this automation, what a great idea!
I took a look at. your New Project - GC automation and I can suggest some changes.

In your Step 2 rule, you want to pinpoint the result of Step 1, which is the row being created by the form submission, and then ask it to only continue if the type=GC:

Notice here that GC is a Chip, and not a text value since it’s coming from a select list column in your Projects - Master table.

Then, when you create the duplicate page in your doc, you want to make sure you’re only pulling the title of the project from that row. So instead of targeting the entire name column from the table, you want to again pinpoint Step 1 Result, and pull out the value of the Name column from that row only for your new Page title:

Give those changes a shot, and then submit a test row in your form to try out the automation!
Hope this helps!

Thank you, Nicole!

I didn’t realize I could reference a Step 1 Result like that (i’m very new).
Thank you so much for your help. It seems to be working perfectly now!

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