Formula Help for Date Reference

I followed the tutorial on how to add a change history/log history to an item. Now I’m seeing a strange error.


What is being returned is two dates. There should only be one in each cell.


How would I get it to restrict to show just the single date?

you would use either .First() or .Last() to pick an appropriate entry -

(I am not entirely sure what your business logic is - but if you expect to have multiple entries in Borrowing History for a specific borrower - you would get multiple Date Needed and then you want to sort and use .First or .Last depending on whether you want latest or earliest entry

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Thank you for responding. What I’m trying to do is have three tables connected (Book, Borrower, Borrowing History). Therefore, when you look at the book Layout display, you get a nice embedded table showing the list of previous borrowers (in descending order). For e.g.

Borrower ----- Date Borrowed
DEF -------------2/11/2019
ABC -------------1/1/2019

If I don’t add .first(), I get the bad dates shown above. But if I do, I get the date for the last book borrowed that person took out – even if it isn’t for this particular title. I’ve tried to modify the formula to refer to this title, but that gets me nowhere either.


I appreciate any pointers.

By the way, you wouldn’t have a guess as why the Borrowing History table that is embedded in a Book row will display as a table most of the time, but not always? In one of my Books, the Borrowing History shows up as a list of tags. The code is identical in all cases…

Not entirely following the problem - but my guess is you are showing Books with details layout (the picture in your post) but you are comparing Borrowed By (which i assumed to be the person who borrowed) to thisRow (which is a book?)

here’s an example, if this doesnt work, please share your document with and ask for me (Krunal) and would be happy to take a look