Formula help with Slice, Checkboxes, and Numbered Lists

Every row in table [quizes] is a students score on a daily quiz. Every time a [student] gets a perfect score on a quiz, I check a checkbox in column [perfect].

Can someone help explain what is the best formula that would output the top ten students in the class with the highest number of perfect quiz scores as a numbered list on the canvas?

Thanks in advance!

:wave: Hey there!

Fellow teacher here - Take a look at the example below and poke around in the formulas. If its doing what you are looking for, I can give an explanation to help further! Just want to make sure I got the idea right before I explain

Edit: Just edited the doc, decided I wanted to take into account potential ties. What I wrote to find it (while functional) feels like a bit of a ridiculously complicated formula. Maybe some other formula geniuses can weigh in on whether or not we can simplify?
@Christiaan_Huizer , @Xyzor_Max , @Paul_Danyliuk (and all the rest)


Thank you for the assist! This really is the best community out there.

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