Formula not rendering completely until clicked

I have a few formulas I use for frequently-referenced blocks so that I can add them multiple places and continue to edit them after the fact. These blocks are stored in the canvas column of a table.

One of them includes buttons.
As of the past few weeks, these buttons do not render until the formula block is clicked on. (these are proper button objects, not created with the unsupported button() formula)

Before Click:

After Click:

The formula:

Concatenate([Ω Global_Blocks].Filter(Name="QuickAdd").Block_Content)

Would love help in getting these to generate automatically.

@Billy_Jackson thanks for surfacing! It would probably help if we can take a look at your doc specifically. Can you contact the support team and share your doc with us there so we can take a look at this potential bug?

Hi Jen,
I’ve got this very doc already shared with support on a separate issue, but will let them know you were asking!

(I’ve been talking with Jasmine, if that helps you connect the threads)