Has Button() formula gotten (much) slower?

Although I recognize it is officially unsupported, I’ve found that button() is perhaps the most useful function for creating intuitive flows by A) providing context-appropriate actions and B) more buttons in a small space (4 to a line in a layout without it; many many more with it). As such, I’ve come to rely on it pretty heavily and have found it - generally - really helpful.

However, as of this week, I’ve noticed it slowing formula calculations WAY down. concatenating 5 or 6 buttons adds an enormous lag that doesn’t appear to be present with just the underlying button-columns themselves.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Does anyone have any workarounds? Thank you!


Hey @Billy_Jackson! Are you able to share your doc here so we can do some digging?

Not just that, but all my buttons constructed via the button() formula no longer are clickable on cards.

They are functional on tables, when brought into the canvas, and in modal views. But on Cards they all appear as disabled

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Hi @Scott_Collier-Weir !

We’ve identified the source of the card issue. We expect a fix to be live by end of day Wednesday.