Formula that lists all columns value of a row?

Hey guys, trying to achieve something pretty simple here.

I got a table with 3 columns. each columns is a selection list, which is linked from another single table.

on my master table, i would need to have a 4th column, as selection list, but on this one, i want to allow to pick only the values of the row i have on all 3 columns.

I manage to do it with formulas, ofc, but pretty long and complicated. Problem is i don’t have 4 columns but 50 :slight_smile:

does a formula exists that can lists all columns value of a single row? thanks!

no, no way around this

Hey @Antoine_Morisetti!

Chances are, you should have approached your data differently. What are those 50 columns? Is it something like dates? Because in a case like that you should’ve designed your table as one row per cell (with a column for a date) and group by date in top.

Can’t find a more recent implementation of this but here’s the idea:

If this doesn’t work and you actually need to combine the columns, one way to do this is with a custom pack. The pack would read a row from the Coda API and return all cell values as a single array of strings.

Finally, there’s black magic. But it goes far beyond “simple”.

thanks guys. @Paul_Danyliuk the data are attributes of a construction project. :slight_smile:
i’ll manage with formulas, it’s just that my formula in that case isn’t really dynamic.

will have a look on black magic, thank you

Even if those are attributes, it could make a lot of sense to have a separate table of DB Project attributes with columns: Project, Attribute, and Value. So your row-of-50-columns will be the 50 rows on that table, and you’ll have the flexibility of aggregating over those rows normally with e.g. a Filter

Usually if I have this many columns I just put em all in a text field

Simplicity >>> everything

these ar attributes from a separate tables! i can aggeate those with a filter or something. it s just that my formula is quite big, as i could not find a way to write a short formula for that

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